Orbry, established in 2011, is committed to creating high quality wet room components at an attractive price point. We produce a wide range of wet room products, including: tile backer and insulation boards, waterproofing, walk-in shower trays, drains, shower screens, electric underfloor heating mats, and wet room accessories (such as tile and mosaic spacers).

At Orbry, we love a good looking wet room. The brand was created from a desire to ensure that the growing trend for wet rooms is accessible to everyone. We believe that what is underneath is what truly counts. Your customers will only be able to enjoy the wonders of their wet room, if the foundation is properly waterproofed and installed. Because if it's not completely watertight, it's a damp room, not a wet room.


We supply to a small range of stockists to ensure we can work closely with them to maintain the Orbry value proposition of providing reliable, good quality wet room products at the best prices.


The Orbry Certified Fixer course is an online and completely free training course for plumbers, wet room installers, and other industry experts. Once completed, the fixer will be recognised as fully capable of installing an Orbry Wet Room.

Orbry Lifetime Guarantee


Orbry offers an Orbry Lifetime Guarantee on wet rooms that exclusively use Orbry components wherever available.