The Benefits of Orbry Long Board

23rd March 2016

The Benefits of Orbry Long Board

When creating a wet room or walk-in shower, waterproofing is key element to consider. But creating a level & even surface to tile on to is also important. Orbry tile backer boards allow you to achieve both of these important features in one. You could also save yourself time and money when fixing Orbry Board to walls by using Orbry Long Board.

When installing tile backer board to walls you have to cut several boards, and make sure each board is fixed correctly. When using a long board, you just need to trim the board to size and fix once. This also means that there are less joints between boards, allowing to save time and money on jointing materials.

Benefits of Orbry Long Tile Backer Boards

  • Fully waterproof boards
  • Boards are 2440mm high
  • Less fixings required between boards
  • Installation time is reduced
  • No noggins are required
  • Less tape needed for joints
  • Save time measuring & cutting boards