Benefits of Orbry Insulation Boards

24th November 2016


Orbry Board was designed as a tiling and waterproofing layer for use in wet rooms and walk-in showers, however the insulating properties of the boards mean that they can also be used as dry lining insulation. The boards are made up of a glass fibre insulating layer coated in polymer-modified cement, which creates a waterproof barrier underneath tiles and helps adhesive adhere to the surface.

The boards can be used as dry lining insulation on solid walls, or as an insulation layer on un-insulated screed floors. Because the boards are lightweight, they are easy to transport and can be cut to fit your project.

Benefits of Orbry Solid Wall Insulation Boards

  • Quick and easy to install using one of three methods.
  • Reduce heating bills by creating an insulating layer that prevents heat loss.
  • Create a waterproof vapour control barrier.
  • Load bearing – with a compressive strength of 35 tonnes per m2.
  • Resistant to freeze & thaw cycles
  • All in one solution; insulating, waterproof and perfect for tiling.

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