How To Choose Wet Room Tiles

8th March 2017

At Orbry we supply the bones of your wet room; tanking materials, shower trays and underfloor heating are all available to create a watertight wet room. When it comes to choosing tiles for your new walk in shower, we’ve put together some tips that you might want to keep in mind.

Tiles are the most popular covering for wet rooms as they are water resistant, hard-wearing and available in a range of colours and styles.

  • Material – Natural stone looks beautiful but it is a porous material, and therefore requires sealing every few months to prevent water damage. Porcelain and ceramic are non-porous and so require much less maintenance. Ceramic tiles are perfect for walls, and floors in low traffic areas, while porcelain is extremely hard-wearing and can be used in most situations. Ceramic and porcelain tiles are also available in a range of styles, including stone and wood effect – allowing you to create the natural look with none of the maintenance.
  • Modern Design – Design trends in wet rooms tend to lean towards a sleek and seamless look. This is often achieved by using matching wall and floor tiles, which can also help smaller wet rooms feel larger. Don’t forget to include a glass shower screen to protect your towels from splashes without compromising the open plan look.
  • Anti-Slip – As there is no barrier for the water in a wet room, the floor can get wet and therefore slippery. Check the slip resistance rating on floor tiles for an indication of how suitable they are for your wet room. Using smaller tiles, like mosaics, add additional grout lines which adds additional slip resistance.
  • Shower Tray – The level access floor of a wet room needs to have a slight slope to encourage water to flow towards the drain. Larger tiles will need to be cut to fit the falls of the tray, and this can look messy when patterned tiles are used. Mosaic tiles that are 25mm or bigger are perfect for this as they can be laid directly on to the tray without cutting.
  • Design Ideas – You can have fun with the design in your wet room using tiles. Feature strips or borders of glass mosaic tiles add a touch of glamour to showers, or use in a niche for a subtle hint of glitter. If your wet room is on the larger size you can use different colours to create zones within the room, for example a bold showering area.

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