Benefits of Installing an Orbry Wet Room

17th July 2017

At Orbry we love wet rooms – and it seems that the rest of the UK agrees as the number of new installations is on the rise. So, what’s so good about them? Read on to see a list of benefits of installing an Orbry Wet Room.


An Orbry wet room provides easy access to everyone from small children to those with mobility issues. The open plan design means there is no step to manoeuvre into the shower, and choosing wall hung furniture will help make the whole room more accessible. This also means that you can stay in your own home for longer without making any further changes.


Unlike a traditional bathroom, a wet room is fully tanked so that there should be no leaks which can cause expensive damage to your home.

Easy To Clean

A walk in shower is generally easier to clean than a traditional shower because the entire shower is waterproofed and tiled with clean, simple lines – so there are no awkward nooks to try and keep clean. Orbry Shower Screens are also coated with ClearShield to help you keep them looking great.

Safe Environment

Using a non-slip mosaic tile on the floor of the wet room adds extra grip which will help prevent and slips or falls. Installing electric underfloor heating will also help evaporate any surface water from the floor much quicker.

Flexible Design

By removing the bulky bath you are not only making the best use of the space but also freeing it up. You can replace radiators with underfloor heating and heated towel rails and add in niches for convenient storage. Add in a shower screen to keep water contained to the shower area without interrupting the open plan look – you can even add robe hooks and return panels to your screen.


Install the full Orbry Wet Room system and we will guarantee it for life.

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