Customer invoicing system

When choosing to install an Orbry Wet Room, you can request that customers pay for their invoice direct through Orbry. Contact us for further information regarding this effective solution that enables your customers to pay for the wet room installation products directly to the manufacturer at a price you choose.

Certified Trade Fixer


Certified Orbry Fixer Programme

Make sure that you’re up-to-date on the best practices of installing an Orbry wet room by completing the free, online training programme. In addition to the fantastic benefits you received from being a registered fixer through our online shop, if you decide to complete the programme and become an Orbry certified we would also help grow your wet room installation business through social media promotion and providing wet room installation marketing materials.

Start the Orbry Certified Fixer Course today!

Social Media Promotion

If you complete and pass the online programme, we will be sure to promote you throughout our Facebook and Twitter page. As well, you may even see yourself mentioned in an Orbry blog post!

Marketing Materials

After successful completion of the programme, you can stock up on wet room installation promotional materials that are great for attracting prospective clients.

Orbry wet room shower tray installation