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The Orbry Electric Underfloor Heating System 10-Year Warranty, against manufacturer defects, is a limited liability warranty. Your statutory rights are not affected. In the event of a problem with your installation, contact your Orbry provider. (If ordered direct online, please call 0333 355 3725.) Please provide a photograph for each of the three (3) stages of installation. Terms and conditions apply.

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Heating Mat Installation Details Conductor + Conductor Conductor + Earthbraid
 Room ReferenceStock CodeMat SizeConnection Wire ExtensionTest A (Ohms)Test B (Ohms)Test C (Ohms)Test A
(0 or O/C)
Test B
(0 or O/C)
Test C
(0 or O/C)
1 Yes No
2 Yes No
3 Yes No
4 Yes No
5 Yes No
6 Yes No
7 Yes No
8 Yes No
9 Yes No
10 Yes No

KEY: Test A: After laying the Heating mat(s) and before starting floor finishing. Test B: During floor finishing. Test C: On completion of floor finishing.


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