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Orbry Underfloor Heating

Orbry Electric Underfloor Heating



Underfloor Heating

Orbry™ Electric Underfloor Heating Mats

Installing electric underfloor heating with Orbry is easy using Orbry 150W self-adhesive heating mats. Floor heating mats from Orbry are ultra thin meaning the height of the floor won’t be raised a significant amount. To meet the needs of any job, large or small, the underfloor heating mats come in different lengths.

Orbry electric underfloor heating mats are ideal for use under tiles, especially in wet rooms, conservatories, and kitchens. They help to evaporate water off the floor and work to provide a warm and comfortable surface to stand upon.

The electric underfloor heating mats work best as an additional heating system within the home.

The electric underfloor heating system is easily controlled using Orbry’s underfloor heating thermostat available as a touch screen or manual thermostat. The Orbry Electric Underfloor Heating System is backed by a 10-year warranty.



thermostat smart touch Underfloor Heating

Orbry Smart Touch Thermostat


Orbry Touch Thermostat

Underfloor Heating thermostat-manual

Orbry Manual Thermostat

Orbry Underfloor Heating Thermostats

Choose from three different styles of thermostats to control your Orbry Underfloor Heating system – the Orbry Manual Thermostat, the Orbry Touch Thermostat, or the Orbry Smart Touch Thermostat.

Orbry Smart Touch Thermostat: An underfloor heating thermostat that displays all the control options on a large, colour touch screen making it a visually-appealing and user-friendly. With the Orbry Smart Touch, the user can create a seven-day programmable heating schedule and set five flexible heating modes.

Orbry Touch Thermostat: An easy-to-use, touch screen underfloor heating control system that features a seven-day, six-event heating programme that allows the Orbry Underfloor Heating System to fit your lifestyle and needs exactly.

Orbry Manual Thermostat: A simple and efficient way to manually regulate the temperature of an Orbry Electric Underfloor Heating System. The thermostat has a simple On/OFF Control with an LED indicator. It fits on a standard electrical back box and boasts an easy-to-use temperature dial.



With Insulation

Without Insulation


To maximize the benefits of the Orbry Underfloor Heating System, we recommend installing the electric underfloor heating mats on top of an insulation layer. This ensures that the heat is reflected upwards. The 10mm Orbry Board is perfect for this type of insulation because it won’t increase the height of the floor by a significant amount. When insulation is properly installed and used with an electric underfloor heating system, such as the Orbry Heating Mats, heating times are reduced and energy bills are lowered.




Orbry Electric Underfloor Heating Warranty

After installation of the Orbry Electric Underfloor Heating Mats, don’t forget to activate the warranty with 60 days of purchase.

When installed properly and according to the instructions, the Orbry Electric Underfloor Heating system is backed by a 10-Year Warranty, against manufacturer defects. Upon the completion of the installation, visit the Orbry Warranty webpage to register for the warranty.



Benefits of Using the Orbry Electric Underfloor Heating System

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