Orbry’s Made To Order Shower Trays

26th February 2015


Custom Made Shower Trays from Orbry

Orbry Shower Trays come in five (5) different sizes including 800mm x 800m, 900mm x 900mm, 1000mm x 1000mm, 1200mm x 900mm, and 1200mm x 1200mm. Each size is available in a variety of drain configurations such as centre positioned drains, corner positioned drains, and offset positioned drains. Plus, choose your type of drain (standard horizontal drain or a sleek, linear drain).

Level-access shower trays from Orbry can be cut to suit your specific project; however, if you’re looking for something to match your needs exactly and the various trays available don’t suit, a bespoke shower tray is just what you need to complete the shower area.

Bespoke Shower Trays

Made to measure level-access shower trays from Orbry are available to order online using the interactive Orbry Bespoke Shower Trays form at http://shop.orbry.com/BespokeShowerTrays.

You’ll need to provide the following information and measurements to order a custom Orbry Shower Tray.

  • Type of Drain
  • Tray Width
  • Tray Length
  • Width to Drain Centre
  • Length to Drain Centre

Ordering Your Custom Level-Access Tray

Once you’ve filled out all of the information, a diagram will display showing the proposed custom made shower tray. You’ll need to click on the link that says PRINT BESPOKE SHOWER TRAY ORDER FORM. Fill out the form (sign and date it) and return it to Orbry via email or fax. After you fill out the form and ensure that all measurements and information is correct, add the shower tray to your online shopping basket.

Please note that the shower tray will take 10-14 days for delivery. The delivery period begins from the time the signed order form is received by Orbry.

Bespoke Shower Trays from Orbry are available in sizes of up to 1600mm. All trays are 30mm thick. Drain attachments are sold separately.

Order your Orbry Bespoke Shower Tray online today.