Designing a Bathroom For Multi-Generational Living

15th July 2019

Designing a Bathroom

How to Make Your Wet Room Functional for Everyone

Designing a Bathrooms, more and more people are choosing to renovate their bathroom space as they recognise its vital importance within the home. It is a space that’s meant to be for everyone, but many bathroom designs limit those who can use them. We at Orbry believe that a bathroom should be accessible to all, no matter the needs. So, we have made sure that we have everything you’ll need to change your bathroom into a wet room which will suit everyone in your home.

By transforming your bathroom into a wet room you’ll make the space more accessible and long-lasting. What a wet room will ensure is that as you and your family age, or if someone with mobility issues comes to stay, your bathroom space will be fully functional for everyone. However, a wet room is not merely about functionality. With its sleek contemporary design it will also become a defining feature of your property.

To help make your life easier we have compiled a list of the products you will need to build your very own wet room.

Orbry Wet Room Shower Trays: Level-Access

Many showers have a raised step or may even be a bath-shower combination and whilst this might not be an issue for you now, it may be in the future. This is because for those of us with mobility issues these shower designs can be very problematic. That is why a wet room is a great choice for your home. By using an Orbry tileable walk-in shower tray there will be no step at all. The level-access shower trays also mean that a wheelchair can be used in the shower too. A wet room is not only for the humans in the house, if you have pets, dogs for example, then cleaning them will get a lot easier with a walk-in shower. Our wet room tray formers come in various sizes and can be ordered to fit either a standard or linear drain. Bespoke wet room shower trays are also available.

Underfloor Heating: Orbry Electric Underfloor Heating Mats

By installing Orbry electric underfloor heating mats you will be helping to make your wet room safer. The underfloor heating helps evaporate water off the floor, making it less likely for someone to slip and fall. The mats will also make your wet room warm and comfortable surface to stand on, perfect for when your feet are freezing cold. Orbry floor heating mats are ultra-thin meaning the height of the floor won’t be raised a significant amount. To meet the needs of any job, large or small, the underfloor heating mats come in different lengths. The electric underfloor heating system is easily controlled using an underfloor heating thermostat available as a touch screen or manual thermostat. The Orbry Electric Underfloor Heating System is backed by a 10-year warranty, keeping your wet room functional for longer.

Orbry Shower Screens: Frameless Shower Screens

Orbry Shower Screens act as a protective barrier to any area outside the wet zone. The frameless glass screens prevent showering water from reaching other areas of the room without hindering the spacious and open feel of a wet room. This will help keep the floor outside of your shower water-free and less slippery. All Orbry Shower Screens are composed of 10mm toughened glass with one side of the screen coated with genuine ClearShield to make keeping it clean a little easier.

Orbry Waterproofing

To make sure your wet room is still the best quality, no matter how many years have passed since you installed it, fully waterproofing the space is essential. We provide all of the products necessary for completely tanking and sealing the wet room area including waterproofing tape, sealing compound, and internal and external waterproofing corners. Take care of your wet room, so it can then take care of you.

Optional Extras

There are a few optional extra things you can include in your own designing a bathroom to make sure it stands the test of time for the whole family. Grab bars are a great idea as they ensure the shower can continue to be used by anyone who needs additional support. We also recommend installing a shower seat for extra comfort – create a tiled seat for a spa-style look that wont detract from the overall finish of your wet room.

Lifetime Guarantee

At Orbry we offer an Orbry Lifetime Guarantee on wet rooms that exclusively use Orbry components wherever available. If you choose to install a complete Orbry wet room or shower room, then you will be covered by the Orbry Lifetime Guarantee. This is only available when you use the complete Orbry system and install it in accordance with the Orbry installation guides.

With the Orbry Lifetime Guarantee your wet room will be there to help everyone in your home, for life. so come and talk to us about designing a bathroom just for you,