Installing Orbry Electric Underfloor Heating

20th July 2015

Orbry Electric Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating used to be synonymous with luxury, and while the feeling of warm floors all year round is certainly still a luxury, the cost and accessibility of underfloor heating means it is now available to a much wider market. Thanks to an increase in home improvement, electric underfloor heating is increasing in popularity, as it can easily be installed when completing renovation projects, as well as in new build homes. The low installation height of Orbry underfloor heating makes it the perfect choice for any room in the home, and it is compatible with tiles, carpet and laminate flooring.

How to install Orbry Electric Underfloor Heating

  1. Before unpacking, test the underfloor heating mat with a multimeter and check the reading matches the label on the mat.
  2. Draw a plan for your floor so you have a clear idea of how and where the mats will fit, remember you can fit multiple mats but they must be connected in parallel.
  3. Make sure the sub-floor is solid, level and clear of dust & debris.
  4. Fit Orbry tile backer boards or Permalayer decoupling membrane to the floor.
  5. Lay the heating mat out according to your plan, if it needs to be turned to fit the shape of the room you can cut the mesh – be careful not to cut the wire. See the diagram below for more information about turning the mat.
  6. Position the floor sensor half way between two runs of the heating cable, approximately 40cm into the floor, making sure that it does not cross any heating cables.
  7. Once the sensor and mats are in the correct position you can use the self-adhesive backing on the mats to stick them to the floor.
  8. Cover the mat with self-levelling compound or flexible tile adhesive – check if it is suitable for use with underfloor heating in the manufacturers guidelines. This will normally need to be allowed to fully set before the heating mats can be turned on – usually around 2 weeks – again check the manufacturers guidelines.
  9. Lay your flooring.
  10. Connect your chosen thermostat following the model specific instructions.

Turning UFH Mat

Order Orbry Electric Underfloor Heating online and remember to activate your 10 year warranty within 60 days of purchase.