The Benefits of Adding a Shower Screen to Your Wetroom

2nd October 2015

Benefits of an Orbry Shower Screen

When creating a wet room or walk in shower, a screen is not required as the whole room will have been fully tanked. However there are some benefits to adding a shower screen to your wet room:

  • Although the room is fully watertight, it can be annoying when water splashes throughout. This is particularly true if your wet room is on the smaller side, so a screen can help stop towels, toilet paper and other accessories from getting soaked.
  • If you are used to a more traditional shower enclosure, showering in an open plan wet room may seem unusual. Adding a glass shower screen creates an enclosure within your wet room.
  • You may be worried that adding a shower screen to your wet room will ruin the sleek open plan design, but our frameless screens provide a transparent barrier so you can still enjoy the modern design.
  • Shower screens can often be hard to keep clean, but Orbry wet room screens are coated on one side with ClearShield® which has non-stick and anti-microbial properties – helping you keep your wet room looking its best.
  • A shower screen can provide additional storage, thanks to the towel or robe hooks we offer as an optional extra.