Installing an Orbry Wet Room in a Small Space

16th May 2016

Installing an Orbry Wet Room in a Small Space

When building or installing a wet room you are essentially turning the entire room into one big shower enclosure, therefore it is possible to create a level access shower in almost any size room. We’ve put together a few tips that will help you if you are planning on installing a wet room in a small space.


We all know that waterproofing is an essential part of any wet room, but while in a larger room you can sometimes get away with only waterproofing around the shower area, it’s best to fully tank the room in a smaller space. Water is likely to get splashed around the room occasionally, so waterproofing the whole room will really pay off.

Shower Tray Former

All Orbry Shower Trays have a built-in fall, or slope, to help water flow towards the drain. Our wet room formers are available in a range of sizes to suit any room, and can be cut to size or even made to measure if needed.


Storage is an important consideration in a small wet room as it will help protect everyday items such as towels and toilet paper from getting wet. Create shower niches in the walls with Orbry Board, and consider shelving or drawers that can be built into your furniture.

Shower Screen

While not an essential part of a wet room, a shower screen can be a huge help in a small shower area. It will keep the water contained in the shower area without ruining the open plan look of the room. Orbry frameless glass shower screens are available with a range of optional extras including return panels and towel or robe hooks.

Underfloor Heating

Another element that is not really required in a wet room but could be a big help in a small one is electric underfloor heating. The mats will keep the floors warm and help evaporate any surface water left after showering. You can also use the underfloor heating as a stand alone heating system in a small wet room, allowing you to remove radiators and therefore creating more space.


Keep colours light and simple in a small wet room to make the space feel larger. Using a mosaic tile in the shower area will create a clear zone, and also provide additional anti-slip properties. Tile ranges are available that feature a matching wall, floor and mosaic tile, which help create a sleek and modern look.

Get everything you need to create an Orbry Wet Room in any size room in the Orbry Shop.