Orbry Level Access Tileable Shower Trays

22nd July 2016


When planning a level access wet room or walk-in shower, you will need to find a way to create a single-level floor that also has a slight slope. This slope is designed to help water flow towards the drain and not sit on the surface of the tiles. You can build this slope into the floor itself, but this can be time consuming and difficult to rectify if it goes wrong. Using a shower former with built in falls will make creating a wet room floor quick and easy. Tileable shower trays are are fitted within the floor at the same level as your tile backer boards or waterproofing layer, creating a flush surface that can be fully tiled.

Benefits of a Level Access Shower

  • Fully tanked and waterproof
  • Convenient for the whole family to use
  • Suitable for those with mobility issues
  • Easy to keep clean
  • Stylish and modern look
  • Enables ageing in place
  • Underfloor heating can be installed
  • Can be installed in almost any size space
  • Potential added value to property

Orbry Wet Room Shower Trays are made from extruded polystyrene, making them both strong and lightweight. The trays are fully waterproof, perfect for creating a base in a shower, and also have insulating properties. Available in a range of sizes, Orbry shower formers can also be cut to the right size. Bespoke shower trays are also available for those awkward or unusual sized shower areas.

Whether you want a completely tiled look, or a stylish stainless steel drain, our shower trays are available to suit both traditional and linear drains. The drains are designed to fit Orbry shower trays, with a range of drain positions available to suit your wet room project.

Browse the range of Orbry Wet Room Shower Trays available to order online, and don’t forget to pick up an Orbry TrayFast joist hanger to make installing your shower tray even easier!