Orbry Turns Five!

13th December 2016


Established in 2011, Orbry Wet Rooms is turning five this month and to celebrate we’ve put together some information on some of our most popular products. We’re passionate about wet rooms, and want to hep fixers create stylish and affordable wet rooms throughout the UK.

Our range of waterproofing products make up the bones of a wet room or walk-in shower, and we also stock optional extras like underfloor heating and glass shower screens that add a touch of luxury to your shower.

Orbry Board Tile Backer Boards

Orbry Board is a tile backer board that provides both waterproofing and insulation for walls and floors. The core is reinforced with glass fibre that provides excellent insulation, while the outside has a cementitious coating that makes it the perfect surface for tiling. Lightweight and easy to cut to size, the boards are perfect creating a level and watertight base for your wet room.

Orbry Wet Room Shower Trays & Drains

With a built in fall and easy application, our wet room shower trays are a great way to easily create a level access shower. Available in either 24mm or 30mm thicknesses, there are also a range of drain options available including linear, stainless steel and tileable.

Orbry Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating in your wet room might seem like a luxury, but with our range of affordable underfloor heating mats it doesn’t have to be. The mats are made from a plastic mesh that allows the adhesive to grip to the sub floor, and has a self-adhesive backing for easy application. A range of touch screen thermostats are also available to help you create a heating schedule that suits your lifestyle.

Orbry Certified Fixer Online Wet Room Training

We offer completely free online training that allows installers to become an Orbry Certified Fixer. After reading the guides and online modules there is a short multiple choice test. Once you have passed the online certification you will receive a fixer pack containing your certificate, van stickers and other marketing materials.

You can find out more about Orbry Wet Rooms online and order online in the Orbry Shop.