Wet Room Design Ideas

24th January 2017


Wet rooms provide a range of design possibilities that are not possible with a traditional bathroom. The open plan layout adds a sleek and modern feel, while your choice of tiles and accessories can add personality and wow factor. We’ve put together some of our favourite tips and tricks to help you design your dream wet room.

Often when designing a wet room people use a shower tray that sits above the tiles, to create the full walk-in shower experience you can use a tileable shower tray that is hidden underneath. This gives the room a modern look and can make smaller spaces feel much larger. Orbry Wet Room Shower Trays have a built in fall to help water drain away easily.

Tile backer boards are the ideal material for use in wet rooms – they are waterproof and provide a smooth and level surface for tiling. They can also be used to create neat features in your wet room, like niches in walls to store showering products.

When choosing your tiles consider the layout of the room – using different colour or size/shape tiles can be a great way to create zones within the room. Mosaic tiles are also a great choice for the floor in the shower area as the extra grout lines provide more grip, and it means you don’t have to cut larger tiles to fit the falls of the tray. Glass or decorative mosaics can also be used to create a stylish feature strip or border in showers or above basins.

Radiators can be unsightly and often become dust traps, but these can be replaced by electric underfloor heating. You can use this as your only heat source, or add a stylish heated towel rail as well. Underfloor heating will also help evaporate any surface water from the floors, helping you to avoid any slips.

If you are worried about water splashing throughout your wet room you can use a shower screen to separate the shower area from the rest of the room. Orbry Glass Shower Screens have ClearShield coating to help keep them clean, so they won’t interrupt the open plan look of your room. You can also add extras like return panels or robe hooks to keep everything neat and tidy.

Wet rooms are perfect for most size spaces – smaller rooms benefit from the open plan design and larger rooms can include baths and extra storage. If your room is on the smaller side you can use wall hung basins and toilets to maximise floor space, again creating the illusion of a larger room.

Install a full Orbry Wet Room and it will be guaranteed for life!