NEW: Orbry Proseal Bath & Shower Sealing Kit

31st January 2018

Orbry Proseal Bath

Looking for a quick and easy way to seal around a bath or shower tray? Our New Orbry Proseal Bath & Shower Sealing Kit contains everything you need to waterproof acrylic baths, shower trays and worktops. The thin material protects the edges from leaks without creating a bump that might affect the tiled surface – perfect for thin tiles like glass mosaics. The tape is fully waterproof and flexible, so it will move with any settlement in the building without cracking the tiles. The waterproofing tape and corners can be installed after the bath, shower tray or worktop has been installed.

What’s in the Orbry Proseal Bath & Shower Sealing Kit?

  • 4m roll of waterproof self adhesive membrane
  • 2 x pre-formed self adhesive internal corners
  • Application roller

How To Use The Orbry Proseal Bath & Shower Sealing Kit

  1. Peel back the film from the bottom 10mm section of the corner, then stick to the bath, tray or worktop. For thin tiles you can trim this section with a safety knife or scissors so it does not show once the tiles are installed.
  2. Peel the film away from the rest of the corner and stick to the wall.
  3. Use the roller to press the corner and make sure it is securely adhered to the wall.
  4. Measure the length of self adhesive tape needed using a tape measure, then cut from the roll. Remember that the tape should overlap the corners by 20mm.
  5. Peel the film from the 10mm section of self adhesive tape and stick to the top of the shower tray, bath or worktop, then do the same for the tape and stick it to the wall.
  6. Use the roller to make sure the tape is adhered securely to the wall.
  7. Repeat the previous two steps around all other areas.

You should now have a fully sealed shower tray, bath or worktop and can begin tiling – the tiles should cover the tape so you cannot see it once the installation is complete. Order the Orbry Proseal Bath & Shower Tray Sealing Kit online.