Design Ideas For A Small Wet Room

8th May 2018

Design Ideas

When most people think of a wet room they imagine a spacious bathroom that is often reminiscent of something in a spa. However, if you have a small bathroom a wet room could be the ideal option for you since you can make the most of every bit of space. Not only will it help you maximise the space, but a wet room also has a stylish and modern look that could actually add value to your home.

Wet rooms are a great option for families as they can be used by everyone and they are particularly useful for those with mobility issues as there is no bath side or step to worry about. As they are generally open plan and covered in tiles, wet rooms are easy to keep clean making them low maintenance and extremely hygienic. Orbry glass screens are also coated with ClearShield on one side to help you keep the partition sparklingly clean.

The trick to creating a small wet room is making the space feel larger than it is so we’ve put together some of our top tips for making the most of the space.

Design Ideas for a Small Wet Room

  • Use a tileable shower former with built in falls, this will help water flow away towards the drain and allow you to create a fully tiled floor without the interruption of a shower tray.
  • Choose a wall mounted basin and toilet so increase visible floor space.
  • Add a glass shower screen to keep the water contained in the shower area, you can also add hooks for towels and robes.
  • Use light coloured tiles with matching grout to enhance the feeling of space.
  • Opt for underfloor heating over radiators as this frees up wall space for towel storage.
  • When tiling walls build in niches for storage of showering products.
  • Choose matching wall and floor tiles to give the room a seamless look.

No matter what size room you have, you can use Orbry wet room products to create a watertight and stylish space. Ready to start designing your new wet room? Find everything you need online in the Orbry Shop.