Fixing Orbry Boards to Solid Walls

24th March 2015

Fixing Methods to Solid Walls

Recommended Fixing Methods for Fixing Orbry Boards to Solid Walls

METHOD 1 – Tile Adhesive

  1. Apply a suitable flexible cement-based tile adhesive using a trowel (minimum notch of 8mm x 8mm). If the wall has minor irregularities, 20mm x 20mm notches may be used.
  2. Fix the Orbry Boards to the wall and adjust to make sure that the boards are perpendicular to one another.
  3. Butt-joint adjacent boards.

Six (6)mm or thicker Orbry Boards may be used when fixing boards to solid walls using tile adhesive.

METHOD 2 – Mechanical Fixing

  1. Offer the Orbry Board to the wall. Then, using a 10mm drill bit, drill through the board to a depth equal to the length of the Orbry Spanker Dowel that you are using. Insert the spanker dowel and tap in the securing pin until the board is held in place.
  2. Drill holes every 300mm and loose fit with Orbry Spanker Dowels. Fit adjacent boards using the same method and check that they are level.
  3. Hammer in all fixing pins until the Orbry Spanker Dowels are securely fixed.

Ten (10)mm or thicker Orbry Boards may be used when fixing boards to solid walls using the mechanical fixing method.

METHOD 3 – Dot and Dab Fixing

  1. Drill the Orbry Board with a ten (10)mm masonry drill at approximately 600mm centres for 20mm thick boards. You’ll need six (6) holes for a 1220mm board or ten (10) for a 2440mm long board. Drill at 300mm centres for ten (10) and twelve (12)mm thick boards. You’ll need fifteen (15) holes for a 1220mm board or twenty-seven (27) holes for a 2440mm long board.
  2. Apply dabs of a suitable cement-based adhesive to the back of the board where the drills are located. The thickness of the adhesive shouldn’t exceed thirty (30)mm and the dabs should be a minimum diameter of 120mm.
  3. Offer the board to the wall and push firmly before adjusting with a level to ensure it is true and level.
  4. Allow the adhesive to dry and then drill through the existing holes to the depth of the Orbry Spanker Dowel. Insert the dowel and fixing pin and hammer it in to the board. The spanker dowels must penetrate the load- bearing surface by a minimum of 35mm.
  5. If fixing to dry areas, apply Orbry Self-Adhesive Scrim Tape to all horizontal and vertical joints using a thin layer for cement-based adhesive and a float trowel.

Use the dot and dab fixing method to secure Orbry Boards to uneven walls.

For further information, check out the Orbry Solid Wall Fixing Guide.